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Brain Research and Health Awareness

In addition to continuously researching new ways to better diagnose and treat neurological disease, we recognise the importance of protecting your brain and maintaining good brain health. Collaborating with national education, sports, and community groups, we integrate clinical and research expertise into everyday activities. Explore some recent and past activities:

Brain Health in Education (2022)

Working closely with the Education Support Centres of Ireland (ESCI) and leveraging our research and clinical neurology expertise, we co-designed a program covering key aspects of brain function and brain-health addressing mutually identified knowledge gaps  in the educational setting. The four-week webinar series, which had a national participation of 480 people, forged bidirectional links with teachers, education resource teams and parents and covered a broad range of topics such as brain anatomy, brain health and well-being, epilepsy management and concussion management in the school setting.


 “great to see neurologists taking the time to share their expertise.”

“incredible to see the work being done in schools to keep student’s healthy brain wise.”

“Good to see teachers represented on the panel, I learned a lot, I had no idea how to treat someone with concussion.”

My Moving Brain (2024-2026)

Over the next two years, we are excited to work closely with sporting and community organisations, alongside patient representatives, to deliver a community-centred initiative. The program aims to foster inclusivity in sports for people with neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders, while also increasing awareness about epilepsy and concussion in sports. Thanks to funding from the SFI Discover Programme, our team will be actively involved in visiting local community groups, promoting brain health and engaging the public in discussions about our ongoing research activities. More information is coming soon.

SFI Discover Programme flyer.

RCSI MyHealth – Dementia and Maintaining a Healthy Brain for Life (2024) 

The RCSI MyHealth Lecture Series is for people who want to learn more about common illnesses and health-related topics, and how we can improve our personal health and well-being.  In this episode, FutureNeuro’s Prof. Norman Delanty joins a panel of experts, to focus on the topic of dementia and maintaining a healthy brain for life. The panel discusses the misapprehensions about what a diagnosis means, the emotional impact of a diagnosis, raises awareness and shares practical tools for maintaining brain health. Additionally, they delve into advancements in disease-modifying treatments in this area.

RCSI MyHealth ; Epilepsy – Journey to Diagnosis and Role of Genomic Research (2022)

This FutureNeuro-led lecture features insights from a parent, a clinician and a scientist. It explores the clinical aspects of epilepsy, including its prevalence, causes, and diagnostic pathways. At the event, we hear firsthand from a parent about their journey navigating epilepsy diagnosis and its impact on their family. Our panel also explores the role of genomics in diagnosing epilepsy and the potential of genomic research in discovering new treatments.

Epilepsy: Journey to Diagnosis and Role of Genomic Research

Lay-Summaries of Key Publications (on-going)

Building upon the success of our Epilepsy in English blog in 2018, our goal is to provide clear, accessible and unbiased information on the latest exciting advances in research. cover topics ranging from seizure prediction to brain-clocks, with contributions from experts in the field and the wider research community. Explore some of our lay summaries below.


Mysterious RNA circles found at sites where epilepsy begins

Predicting seizures with tRNA fragments

Rare epilepsies 

Dancing to a different tune: TANGO gives hope for Dravet syndrome

The group of researchers who took part in the Epilepsy in English workshops.

Top-Tips for Brain Health

Have a look at this video, where members of our team share their personal top tips for maintaining good brain health.

Video thumbnail for our top tips for maintaining good brain health.