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Industry Collaborations

Industry Collaborations

Our multidisciplinary research team has a track-record in building enduring relationships with national and international companies. Together, we embark on collaborative projects to address crucial clinical challenges and advance shared research objectives. Our collective aim is to achieve earlier detection, more precise treatment, and empower patients along their care journey.

Collaborating with industry serves the purpose of generating new scientific knowledge aligned with our mutual research goals. We bring our research expertise to collaboratively define project scopes, participate in design, and contribute to implementation. Whether wholly or partly funded by our industry partners, we embrace shared risks and outcomes across financial, technological, and scientific dimensions. While maintaining confidentiality and protecting intellectual property, we often publish our findings to contribute valuable insights to the scientific community. Read about how to partner with us.


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Potential Areas of Collaboration

We invite collaborative projects with industry covering the following area:

  • Discovery and interpretation of genomic data to aid patient stratification.
  • Discovery and validation of new drug targets. 
  • Tools to enable greater diagnostic yield in clinical genomic testing.
  • Development of rapid multi-analyte point of care tools for diagnosis.
  • Epigenetics and pharmacogenomics.
  • Discovery and translation of circulating biomarkers.
  • Discovery of data-driven ‘dry’ biomarkers.
  • Preclinical testing of oligonucleotide, gene therapy and small molecule therapies.
  • Socio-technical factors to enable a data driven health ecosystem.
  • Application of AI and machine learning to large clinical data-sets.
  • Connected Health and digital therapeutics.
  • Early-stage clinical trials.

Working with world-leading industry partners 

To date, we have undertaken more than 30 collaborative research projects. These include bringing new diagnostic supports to market, advancing a pipeline of new drugs through development and testing, and expanding digital health solutions to enable patients and their clinicians to co-monitor their health better than ever before.

Our Partners



We are working together to develop new RNA-based treatments for childhood epilepsies and neuro-developmental diseases.


We are working together to unlock the power of healthcare data to improve clinical care for people living with epilepsy.


We are working together to reduce neuroinflammation in regions of the brain associated with triggering seizures.

Novartis Irl.

We are working together to study the interrogation of data at scale to inform improvements in individualised patient care in the clinical setting.


We are working together to deepen our understanding of how to build public trust and confidence in the secondary use of health data for healthcare improvement and research.

UNEEG Medical

We are working together to explore improved technologies to monitor epilepsy seizures.

STORM Therapeutics

We are working together to explore the role of RNA epigenetics in epilepsy.


We are working together to develop new software to deliver faster and more accurate diagnoses in genetic epilepsies.

Neumirna SpA

We are working together to explore potential disease-modifying interventions for temporal lobe epilepsy.


We are working together to explore the existence of genomic biomarkers to predict treatment response for specific AEDs and adverse effects.