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Public and Patient Involvement

Public and Patient Involvement

We believe that patients, families, carers, representative organisations and the general public should have opportunities to become actively involved in health research. Our commitment lies in taking a partnership approach to public and patient involvement, ensuring that research in health sciences and digital health technologies is not only relevant but also beneficial to the needs of patients and the public. 

  • PPI collaborators are core members of the FutureNeuro Governance Committee.
  • PPI representation at the Governance Committee level helps to ensure that our strategic direction stays aligned with our overall vision is to empower people living with neurological conditions to access cutting-edge health diagnostics, effective treatments and digital healthcare. 
  • PPI representation helps us to develop our priorities with a clear focus on identified needs.
  • We are committed to building long-term relationships with PPI partners so that patients can be placed at the centre of the research process. 


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