Patient Involvement Overview

At Future Neuro, we prioritize placing patients and their families at the heart of our research.
Our vision for Public Patient Involvement (PPI) strives to include patients,
families, advocates, and stakeholders as active and equal partners
in activities like governance, public engagement, research, and strategic planning.

Patient Involvement Overview

Public & Patient Involvement

Our commitment to Public Patient Involvement (PPI)
is deeply rooted, with collaborators joining us since
the very beginning of the Centre.

Public and patient involvement

Benefits of Public & Patient Involvement

Our collaboration with PPI representatives provides real and substantial benefits. Our PPI collaborators give us crucial insight into real-life experience of living with chronic and rare neurological conditions.

Benefits of Public & Patient Involvement
Participate in Clinical Research

Get Involved in PPI

Discover exciting opportunities for Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) collaboration right here on our website, across social media, and in partnership with advocacy organizations.

How to get involved
Get Involved

Current Clinical Studies

Future Neuro has a large number of ongoing pre-clinical and clinical research studies. This page provides details on current clinical studies and patient registries open for participation.

Current clinical studies

How We Use Patient Data

Did you know that medical records can also be used for research? With the appropriate permissions, scientists are able to assess medical records and learn important information about specific diseases or patient populations.

How We Use Patient Data
Complementary research