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Get Involved

Discover various opportunities to get involved and make a difference to neurological research through our Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) initiatives. Your participation is pivotal. Begin your journey by completing our expression of interest form.

Here are some other activities that may be of interest:

  • Educational programmes and other engagement activities.
  • Participating in clinical studies. While participation in clinical research is typically facilitated through your treating physician, our clinical network may be able to help. More information on participating in FutureNeuro-led clinical research is available here.

What We Do

  • Epilepsy Research: Exploring groundbreaking advancements in epilepsy treatments.
  • MS Research: Unravelling the mysteries of Multiple Sclerosis for improved patient outcomes.
  • Rare Paediatric Diseases: Focusing on research to address unique challenges in paediatric neurological disorders.
  • Motor Neurone Disease Research: Committed to advancing knowledge and therapies for Motor Neurone Disease.
  • Other: Exploring various avenues to enhance understanding and treatment of neurological diseases.
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Becoming a PPI Collaborator

What do we mean by PPI? 

FutureNeuro defines Public Patient Involvement (PPI) as the development of active partnerships between researchers, patients and stakeholders to progress research in the field of health sciences and digital health technologies which is relevant and useful to patient and public needs. Our PPI Collaborators are involved in many ways across our research projects at various different levels of engagement. The illustration below shows the different stages of the research cycle and some examples of activities a PPI collaborator might be involved in.

If you would like to become involved as a PPI collaborator or would like more information please register your interest here.