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Work With Us

Discover exciting opportunities to join the FutureNeuro team and become an integral part of our dynamic community dedicated to driving innovation in neurological, neurodevelopmental, and psychiatric research. Whether you are a researcher, clinician or passionate professional, there are diverse roles that will allow you to contribute to improving the lives of those affected by neurological conditions. As advocates for raising the profile of Irish research, we prioritise the recruitment of exceptional talent and offer outstanding mentorship, coupled with opportunities for professional and personal development. Here’s how you can thrive with us:

  • Training Initiatives: Engage in major national and international training programs such as NeuroInsight, Genomic Centre for Research Training, MSCA Doctoral Training Networks, and Individual Fellowships. These initiatives have collectively brought over 30 well-funded positions to the Centre.
  • Translational Research Opportunities: Access translational research opportunities for both lab- and desk-based researchers through our national adult and paediatric clinical network, complemented by ethics and PPI expertise.
  • World-Class Supervision: Benefit from a world-class, multi-disciplinary supervisory team, including four ERC awardees, providing mentorship and guidance.
  • Industry Collaboration: Acquire industry-relevant skills through collaborations with leading pharmaceutical partners, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded experience.