Public Engagement

Dedicated to amplifying the societal impact of our research, we actively involve the public and key stakeholders through educational and engagement initiatives. Our commitment extends to promoting engaged research practices at every stage of our research and innovation.

Engagement Overview

How We Engage
the Public

We believe in the power of public engagement as a catalyst for positive change. Our Education and Public Engagement (EPE) vision, co-created with our Public Patient Involvement (PPI) Panel, highlights our commitment to building stronger connections between our research and the public.

Brain Research and Health Awareness

In addition to continuously researching new ways to better diagnose and treat brain disease, we recognise the importance of protecting your brain and maintaining good brain health.

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Supporting the Next Generation of Researchers

We aim to encourage young people at all stages to be curious about the brain, about science and a career in STEM. Have a look at some of our programmes:

Supporting the next generation of scientists
Participate in Clinical Research

Empowering Communities Impacted by our Research

We collaborate with national advocacy groups to inform public awareness, engagement and research policy in neurological health. Partnering with organisations such as the Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI), Epilepsy Irl, MS Ireland, Dravet Syndrome Ireland, CDKL5 Ireland and TSC Ireland, these bi-directional engagements are excellent fora to share research advances and also to build our understanding of public and patient priorities.

Empowering communities impacted by our research

Engaging Through the Creative Arts

FutureNeuro is delighted to use the powerful medium of the creative arts to communicate in new ways with new audiences about our research.

Engaging through the creative arts