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Ways to Partner

Ways to Partner

Depending on the research topic, we are happy to explore different mechanisms to fund joint research projects.

Industry wholly funded projects

In certain instances, industry partners may opt to fully fund a project, typically driven by a keen interest in exploring research aligned with their existing intellectual property and product road map. 

Part-funded industry projects  

We actively engage in co-funding research projects with industry partners, particularly in exploratory projects aligning with our longer-term goals. The access to intellectual property generated during such projects is contingent upon the funding source, providing industry partners with the option to licence the outcomes.


For each type of collaboration, there is a mechanism by which we capture non-cash contribution by the industry partner. Whether it’s co-designing the project, providing oversight, or actively participating in development, these efforts are recognised as in-kind contributions. This acknowledgment extends to co-authorship on publications, highlighting the essence of our collaborative research endeavours.

State-Aid Compliance

As a research organisation which receives exchequer funding to conduct our overall research programme, we are required to ensure that our industry projects are compliant with state aid rules. 

Challenge-based Funding

We are keen to work with industry partners, both SMEs and larger organisations,  to apply for national and international challenge-based funding or training networks. 

  • At the national level, we have been successful in applying for the Disruptive Technology Innovation Fund, funded by the Department of Trade, Enterprise and Employment. These funding collaborations exemplify disruptive innovation driven by technology, with the potential to reshape markets, transform business operations, and introduce novel products or innovative business models.
  • At the international level, industry partnering opportunities can include joint applications for large-scale research funding (e.g. Horizon Europe, NIH). Our researchers have a strong funding track record and are supported by dedicated grant-writing experts.

Get in touch 

To discuss the most suitable type of involvement for your organisation, please contact our Business Development Lead, Julia Rakovets juliarakovets@rcsi.ie.