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Philanthropic Funding

Brain disease impacts the lives of millions of people in Ireland and around the world. A major new study released by The Lancet Neurology shows that, in 2021, more than 3 billion people worldwide (1 in 3) were living with a neurological condition and for many neurological diseases there is currently no cure. FutureNeuro, alongside many other research teams internationally, is working hard to change this. While the majority of our research is funded through competitive peer-reviewed exchequer and international funding, we welcome donations from philanthropic foundations, corporate endowments and private individuals to support our research activities and public engagement programme.  

Some of the ways your contribution can support research includes:

  • Sponsor a PhD. Each year we enrol and train the brightest graduates to become neuroscientists. 
  • Sponsor a research nurse. Our nurses play a vital role as the point of contact between the clinical and research teams. They inform patients about upcoming studies and collect valuable data and blood samples.  
  • Sponsor some research equipment. Our research requires very specialised laboratory equipment including neuroimaging, seizure monitoring and high-resolution microscopy. 
  • Sponsor our Research Summer Internship. Our Summer programme gives undergraduates an understanding of the neuroscience research environment, under the supervision of a member of the research team. Students are paid a small stipend over 8 weeks. Our goal is to encourage them to follow a career in neuroscience.
  • Sponsor an Education and Public Engagement (EPE)  event. We deliver a comprehensive EPE programme aimed at schools, advocacy organisations, and the general public. Sponsorship would cover room hire, cost of specialised supports staff, ie. artist in residence, and travel costs for families who attend. Read more about our EPE programme


To find our more, contact our Centre Manager, Bridget Doyle bridgetdoyle@rcsi.ie