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Why Partner with Us

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Why Partner with Us

We have developed a strong reputation in partnering and work closely with prestigious industry, academic and clinical partners to address mutual challenges. Here are some of the reasons people partner with us:

Research Excellence: Our team is dedicated to delivering scientific breakthroughs, published in high-impact journals. We lead international, multi-disciplinary research consortia in both blue-sky and translational studies, with our investigators consistently securing the most competitive funding awards, including ERC and Wellcome grants.

Access to Multi-disciplinary Expertise: We combine clinical and preclinical expertise across thirty research labs in eight higher educational institutes and Ireland’s leading adult and paediatric neurological hospitals. This includes key technological infrastructure. 

Access to Infrastructure and Key Enabling Technologies: With the combined strength of thirty research labs, across eight universities, we can provide state-of-the-art technologies in genomics, preclinical modelling, diagnostics, and deeply phenotyped patient registries. Read more here. 

Track Record in Collaboration: Our research team works with world-leading research, clinical and industry experts. Most (73.4%) of our publications involve international partners (compared to a world-average of 20.9% – Ref Scopus). Additionally, 9.2% of our publications feature co-authors from industry (compared to a world-average of 2.9%- Ref Scopus). 

Operations Support: Our dedicated Operations team bring expertise in industry engagement contract management, technology transfer, IP management and commercialisation.

Clinical Trials Expertise: We can provide support in ethics application and clinical trials. 

Contact Us

To discuss the most suitable type of involvement for your organisation, please contact our Business Development Lead, Julia Rakovets: juliarakovets@rcsi.ie.