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FutureNeuro researchers to inspire national engagement around brain health via SFI Discover Programme

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FutureNeuro researchers are set to inspire nationwide engagement in brain health through the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Discover Programme. The team is thrilled to announce that our project, ‘My Moving Brain’ (M’Inchinn Gluiseachta) has been awarded €88,360 to promote brain health in sport with a special focus on epilepsy awareness and concussion prevention. 

This funding will catalyze a two-year initiative in collaboration with Epilepsy Ireland, the Neurological Association of Ireland and local community groups, uniting researchers, clinical expertise, and sporting organisations to enhance brain health awareness in sports. 

‘My Moving Brain’ builds on the learnings of previous FutureNeuro engagement activities, including the ‘Epilepsy in English’ workshops, designed to bridge the gap between people living with epilepsy, their caregivers, clinicians and neuroscientists and the ‘Brain Health in Education’ webinars, developed to engage educators in conversations about brain health and research initiatives.  

Over the next two years, FutureNeuro researchers will coordinate five collaborative workshops across Ireland. What sets these workshops apart is their grassroots development approach and special emphasis on inclusivity. By drawing on the expertise of Local Sports Partnerships in conjunction with our clinical and research knowledge, FutureNeuro hopes to strengthen the connection between brain health and sport and make it more accessible for people living with neurological conditions. 

“This project is a testament to our commitment to fostering knowledge and engagement. We are excited to collaborate with our partners to make a meaningful impact on brain health awareness, not just in the sporting community but for the broader public. Through education and collaboration, we aspire to create a safer and more informed environment for all.”

Dr Omar Mamad, RCSI Research Fellow, SFI FutureNeuro Research Centre and “My Moving Brain” Co-lead.